Two glasses of martini cocktail garnished with green olives

Stirred cocktails are spirit forward, boozy drinks that typically consist of a base spirit, a sweetener, and modifiers such as bitters, additional spirits, liqueurs, or fortified wines. Stirred cocktails may be served up or on the rocks.


Whiskey New York Sour Cocktail with Wine

Sours are shaken cocktails that are composed of an acidic element – usually a citrus juice, a sweet element – usually a syrup and something strong, which is your base spirit though fortified wines and liqueurs are often included. 


Refreshing Mint and LIme Mojitos with Rum and Soda Water

Highballs are called “long” drinks as they are usually a sour or stirred base that is lengthened by the addition of carbonated water or built in the glass and stirred to combine. Highballs are served in a tall glass over ice.